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ExceptionalLight-Duty Towing

Are you interested in our light-duty towing services? Strickland Road Service uses flatbed rollback car carriers to do light-duty towing. Flatbed car carriers decrease the risk of damage to our customers' vehicles. We tow every vehicle with care and do our best to not damage the vehicle. We are familiar with and use all of the latest methods to tow and recover vehicles using our training and certifications provided by AAA, WreckMaster, and Wes Wilburn. In addition, we offer extended cab and 4-door trucks to accommodate multiple passengers. Our light-duty equipment can handle anything from a brand new Corvette to a 3/4 ton farm pickup. We can even perform recovery and tow your wrecked car from an accident scene. Strickland Towing specializes in exotic, collector, and hot rod automobile transportation. If your car is valuable, we are the company that you can trust. Reach out to us today!

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