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Learn About Our Distinguished Tow Truck History

Strickland Road Service was formed in 1984 by Charles Strickland. Charles had owned and operated Strickland Tire out of Wichita, Kansas from 1970 to 1982. At its peak, Strickland Tire operated a tire and repair shop and eight service trucks around the clock.

Our First Tow Truck

After leaving the family farm again in 1984, Charles started Strickland Road Service with one service truck based out of Hunnewell, Kansas. In 1986, the consensus of the troopers and the vendors on the turnpike was to get stranded motorists and their vehicles off of the road and to a safe place to make necessary repairs to the vehicles. This was when Charles bought Strickland's first tow truck. Through the years Charles added several employees and medium and heavy-duty tow trucks. Strickland Road Service operated out of Hunnewell until it built a new shop building at Exit 4 on Interstate 35 in 1995.

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Strickland Road Service’s Chronological Timeline


Strickland Road Service expanded again by opening up storage and impound lot and placing drivers and tow trucks in both Wellington, Kansas, and Braman, Oklahoma.


Strickland Towing was selected as Wellington's Favorite Towing Company by the Wellington Daily News every year until the paper ceased the survey.


Mad Max was featured as a finalist in the "Working Class" Photo Parade in the September 2006 edition of Tow Times Magazine.


Mad Max was featured in an article in the May 2007 edition of Tow Times Magazine.


Strickland Towing & Road Service of Wichita, KS opened its doors to provide the same high quality of roadside assistance to a new and diverse customer base.


Strickland Towing received the prestigious ACE Towing Award from the Towing Professionals of America. The award was based on meeting our ETA's, Expressed Customer Satisfaction, and Overall Professionalism and placed us in the top 1% of all towing companies in the United States of America!


Strickland Road Service was awarded the distinction of being one of the most experienced towing companies in the USA by being ranked in the prestigious American Towman's "TOWMAN 500"!


Mad Max was featured in the May 2014 edition of the American Towman Magazine and Strickland Road Service was featured in the July 2014 edition of the American Towman Magazine.


Jason Strickland was voted WreckMaster of the Class by his peers when he attended and successfully completed the Level 4/5 WreckMaster Certification Class.

If you are interested in learning more about our tow truck team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We look forward to helping you with auto repair, towing, auto parts sales, and more!

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