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Madd Maxx the mad mudder was born in the shop of Strickland Road Service. It is powered by a bored over 360 Chrysler engine. Maxx underwent an 12" suspension lift and a 3" body lift to accomodate its 44" tall and 19.5" wide tires. It is also equipped with propane injection and igniters in its 6" chrome stacks to produce large flames. The truck is not all show though, we added a powerful direct drive Tulsa winch to replace its stock winch.


For those who want to know, Maxx has been stuck once, in US Federal Marsh ground. We winched out two pickups who had illegally crossed and damaged fence to enter the grounds. We had to enter the grounds properly through the gate and drive a more difficult route to winch them out. After several times of winching, freespooling and pulling forward, we ran out of luck when we free spooled the winch to pull forward and our tires made a partial revolution in the grass; the truck sank clear to the frame and we had water run into the cab. We left Maxx hooked to the two trucks, and winched out the entire train using a heavy-duty recovery truck and the winches on Maxx.


Charles Strickland "Fires" up Madd Maxx at the company Christmas party.


Pictured above is a view from above of our Western Star. We took an over the road truck and cut it in half and stretched the frame 10 feet with high grade steel. Then we lifted off the cab and sleeper, then doubled the frame from front to back. We then placed a third axle (pusher)in front of the tandems. The entire wrecker bed subframe, bedsides, 3-stage boom, and stiff legs were all fabricated in our own shop. We purchased and installed a 100,000lb DP Winch and a Zacklift Z403 Exporter underlift.


In Process 2008, Mud Race Truck 1937 Dodge Power Wagon; on 75 Power Wagon Frame; 440 Dodge Motor


Pictured above is our homemade "Gator" at the Kansas Badlands Mud Run. The guys at Strickland's designed and built this Ford F-250 four wheel drive diesel pickup into our very own version of a John Deere Gator. This pickup had been totaled when it was rear ended by a semi-tractor trailer on Interstate 35.

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